No One Calls Me Daughter

Now I’m the one left


To depend on –

no one

Comes, calls to say ‘


You ok honey”?

gone –

Those who bore me


Who had to care and hearts


Would dare forget my


No one truly knows me

a look

That knows what’s up.

no where

To turn in case I fall

lay bloody

Everyone walks by


I’m not theirs.


No one remembers this

baby girl

Her smiles, ponytails, first

broken heart.

People love in different ways

they call me

Wife, mom, aunt, sis, niece.

no one

Exists anymore who can call me



3 thoughts on “No One Calls Me Daughter

  1. You may not have your mom or dad here on earth but…..think about all the others that love you. Sister, brother, nieces , nephews, aunts, and very dear friends. I remember losing dad and grandma Tober(she was like a mom to me) . I was really devastated. I didn’t know The Lord at that time, I didn’t have a personal relationship with him. He The Lord Jesus calls you daughter,and He will be your everything. Beside that if you need anything even an emergency you know you could call on anyone in our family.we all love you very much. The holidays are very hard for people, we all want them to be like they always were. They change and we must change too. Finding and making new memories. Love you and have a Blessed Merry Christmas. Sandie.

  2. Very beautiful Renee!!! I am in the same boat, and though we both know God, and our Lord Jesus, we also miss the things you mentioned. If we lived closer I think we would get together every now and then just to talk!!! You are a very neat lady and I truly value you as a friend and an advocate for people with disabilities. My best friend of 35 years died over 10 years ago. She had a disability and used a chair and worked like I did for PWD. When I lost her I lost more than an adult lifetime friend. We had talked almost daily for all those years. We knew each other better than our families knew us!!! I know you understand. Thank you for being my friend. I don’t say that often enough to those who I love!!! THANK YOU.

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