The Enigma of President Trump

by, Renee wood

The sun will come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There’ll be sun!

The luxury of being 57 years old and being a passionate-active protester in my younger years, I know the above lyrics are true.  Watching younger people protest in the streets now, almost in a panic, makes me smile to remember those feelings of “This can’t happen!  We need to change this”!  I try to say nothing to these young people that will dampen their passion, spirit or their need to create positive change because I know they will be better citizens and persons for taking up a cause.  I also know certain things are more crucial to change or resist than others, but either way the sun will rise tomorrow.  What seemed catastrophic in your 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s, seems run-of-the-mill in ones 50’s and beyond.  Maybe we’ve become cynical in later years when we reflect how little we actually changed, but life still went on.  Carry on young people, but take with you fortitude and prudence.

President Trump is a loud mouth, but I’m told he’s easily hurt (thin skinned).  From his reactions to simple things like the media posting a side by side picture of his inaugural crowd and Obama’s first inaugural crowd – Obama had way more people, but get over it!  It was a historic day – the first African American president – of course there were more people – it’s ok.

His first day as president was Pres. Trump bored?  Did he not have enough to fill his time? – If it were me, I’d be taking the weekend to read and absorb everything I could, especially the Constitution which I just swore to uphold.  I’d be familiarizing myself with procedures with congress and the office of President especially since, he, has never held public office before.  I’d be inquiring what my daily responsibilities will be, what will my day look like, to study and strategize on what it will take to address congress and get the ball rolling on something I’d like to see accomplished.  It’s an enigma why he would concentrate on such petty things such as; “My numbers were bigger than your numbers” and then have his press secretary come out and lie and say, “We are not seeing what we’re seeing in the pictures”, not that most of us gave a crap at how many people were there at the inauguration!

It my loftier moments in trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, I like to think there’s a grander purpose to this whole petty media thing than meets the eye.  I mean, depending on which media one chooses to get the “news” from its either slightly or severely slanted one way or another, so maybe he was trying to set the press straight from the start.  To do that one would have to assume that the media fudged the numbers and Trump had more people than Obama, I know that is stretching it to unfathomable lengths, but just suppose it’s true – is that really a battle a President wants to take up his first day?

I’ve learned over the last 20 years in being in leadership positions you can’t fight every battle especially those issues that concern you personally.  I am a sensitive person and I hurt easily too because I truly care about helping others.  However I have learned over the years to remain sensitive, but not to react to everything that; may sting, or is just untrue, or is meant to undermine me.  I choose to keep my eye on the prize – on the bigger picture than myself.  That doesn’t mean I don’t vent to my husband and a few close friends – I do and I need that.  However in public I don’t try to pull the weeds!

After two weeks in office, President Trump doesn’t cease to flabbergast me on a daily basis.  I may even agree with some of what he wants to do, but the way he goes about doing it, makes me want to crawl under the ground and hide!  In trying to fix Washington he operates like a bull in a china cabinet, rather than a skilled surgeon trying to dissect cancer cells from good tissue.  I guess busting everything up and starting over is one way, but it doesn’t instill confidence in him by people, and rightfully causes one to question if it will create long-term unexpected irreparable damage.  He’s not careful or thoughtful about anything!

As a leader, I know you have to weigh things you want to do carefully, think of the negative affects it might have on some, and have an articulate compassionate response which shows you considered all aspects in reaching this decision.  I am not above pissing people off when it comes to doing the morally correct thing.  In the past few weeks I know I hit a royal nerve in a couple people who work in the field of disabilities, but they were sluffing off my people (people with disabilities) as just chattel and I wasn’t going to let it go, so I spoke my mine in plain English (if I knew Spanish I would have said it in Spanish too)!  I am not put off by a bombastic mouth so long as it’s, in the right place, for the right reason and only to people who should know what they are saying is just wrong!  President Trump uses his bombastic mouth consistently and it loses its power – and is seen by the multitudes as just a loud mouth, whiner, cry baby, bully, who’s only goal is to get his own way!

Hold on tight for the next four years and don’t lose hope because the sun WILL shine again!